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    I am new to the forums, but I believe this may be a bug. I enabled the option "Save Message History" and it is set to save to my Media Card. I just went to view the message history in the CSV file, I notice that some of my messages were cut off. After comparing the file to the original on the blackberry I noticed that every time there was a "," (comma) the message would be cut off. I was wondering if anyone else can test this out, or this a problem with my blackberry.


    Message on Blackberry:
    Hello, My name is Joe
    Message in File
    Can someone confirm this? How does someone report this to RIM. I believe this could be an issue for people, anyone that uses proper grammar in BBM would only have partial conversation history. Please let me know if you need more explanation.
    05-07-10 08:05 PM
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    No, it isn't a bug per se. You are saving as a CSV file which stands for Comma Separated Value, with the key point being Comma. So every time the file encounters a Comma, it separates to another entry. It is more an issue of using the CSV format than a bug in the OS.
    05-07-10 08:27 PM
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    Ahhh.. that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
    05-07-10 08:30 PM