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    I know that RIM is looking at getting BBM on other platforms. I personally think it is a great idea. Especially if they can get it done before BBM becomes irrelevant (i.e. the competition makes something more popular).

    Just to throw a few numbers out there (given that BB owners get the app for free):
    Charging a $20/year subscription fee with 50 million iphone and android BBM users’ nets:

    $1 billion/year in annual revenue (I would assume mostly profit because the variable costs would mostly be for programming updates etc, which can’t be much compared to a billion dollars).

    You could also split it into a basic and premium package (basic gets you most of the features, but has ads, premium gets you all the features and is ad free, plus all BB’s get the premium pre-loaded and free). I have no idea what ads net you in revenue for a hugely popular product, but it would be interesting to play with the numbers.

    Point is, I think RIM is worried that BBM is a huge selling point, so is cautions about moving it to other platforms. I think they need to lose the cautious culture and get BBM on other platforms asap. You still have the incentive to get a BB because the BBM experience on BB is free and can be advertised as being optimized for a BB device. But if it is (nearly as) awesome on iphone and android too, there could be huge revenue potential, not to mention word getting out about BB having cool products (BBM).

    Having never used BBM myself, I don’t know how cool it is, but as an android user, if it is as awesome as everyone claims, and I can get it on my android, I may give it a go for 20 bucks in the first year. If I love it, and I am due for an upgrade, maybe I’ll choose a BB as my next phone to maximize my BBM experience.

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    NO, I don't want to see it happen, and it most likely won't happen for a while, if ever. Have you looked at any of the videos, or transcript, from Kevin's interview with the new CEO? It sure doesn't sound too promising.

    I believe that BBM on other platforms would ruin the experience for us BlackBerry users, make it not so special to us anymore. Also, will probably see many other users leaving BlackBerry because of BBM availability elsewhere (never understood those people but whatever). I'd think RIM would prefer selling a $400-500 phone every 2 years rather than $40 to people...
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