1. asherp20's Avatar
    in advance i did look through other threads but couldnt find an answer so maybe someone can help
    just got the new bold, i backed up my data and 3rd party apps from my old phone, and used dm to restore everything..
    for some reason, i had to reinvte a lot of my bbm contacts... i dont know why.
    i also had to revalidate my email addresses connected to the phone since its a new phone. (?) if anyone has any insight into why this is happneing and how i can stop it from happening again in the futre i would really appreciate it.
    Also, i restored using the backup file option in bbm, which was done by them sending an email verification
    thanks in advance
    06-22-10 11:17 PM
  2. RegE's Avatar
    Re-validating e-mail accounts is normal. When I acquire a new device, I utilize Device Switch Wizard and I've never had to re-invite my BBM contacts. If your contacts become skewed for whatever reason, restoration via the BBM restore tab should prevent you from having to re-invite.

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    06-23-10 12:46 AM