1. unity04's Avatar
    So I just got my 2nd Torch and I backed up all of my stuff on my 1st one. I restored all the settings from my old phone onto my new phone including the BBM, and now my old pin is on my new Torch and appears to have over written the original Pin of the phone... how is this possible? I can message all of my old contacts as if I still had my old phone and when i click my BBM profile it shows my old pin where it displays the pin....
    03-11-11 12:57 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    maybe the pins were very similar... when you put your sim into the new device and then update through BIS, when you restore your contacts, your pin switches over to the new one for them. some, you may need to re-invite.
    03-11-11 02:26 AM