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    Hiii . First of all : I have BlackBerry(BB) Bold 9000
    So here is my problem, I got a brand new BB bold because my older one got messed up, so in my new BB i tried to upgrade my Blackberry Messenger to the new version. I had done this already with my old BB bold and i thought that I would have no problem this time. But, it didnt go down like that. I installed it and after reboot, the bbm icon was not there.

    It's not in any hidden files, i looked everywhere. It does appear on the applications list under advanced options, but i still cant find it . So, I tried earsing it over and over and downloading it over and over again and nothing. Tried to download it from app store, no luck. In the Device Manager it appears as an app. too. But i just cant find the damn thing! I Do recive mails with blackberry messenger requests for freindships but they say i dont have the requierd app on my device and that i need to download it . Im desparete. SOME HELP?
    01-24-10 04:44 PM
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    Pleaseee helppp, i wil .. go on a date ! which who ever helps? jaja j/k but i really need bbm to get intouch with my family and my grandparents incase there is an emergancy . heeelp
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    01-24-10 07:29 PM
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    Hold down your Blackberry key (to left of trackball) for a couple of seconds to see if it is listed there (scroll left and right to see all apps that are running). That is the quickest way to access the app. Not sure why you don't have the icon but you really don't need it if it is listed under your apps that are always running.

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    01-24-10 07:43 PM
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    And if you haven't tried this, do a Battery Pull. There have been numerous cases of that resolving the issue.

    If it still doesn't show up, and you still can't find it, I would delete the one in your app list and try reloading it here.

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    01-24-10 07:48 PM