1. jamie1019a's Avatar
    I've just upgraded from 8900 to 9780 but having problems with BBM.

    They are taking ages to send/receive, if at all . Never had this problem with 8900.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem. Any suggestions.
    01-27-11 03:12 AM
  2. dj.acidburnt's Avatar
    What sort of a sign do you get when you hit the send

    1. Is it a red clock ?
    2. Is it the "radar-like" thing
    3. Is it just a tick

    Mostly try a soft reset then if it doesnt work try a battery pull. If not its mostly

    a network issue my operator takes about 15s before my mssg is delivered but

    this does happen every 4 out of 20 mssgs.
    01-27-11 06:25 AM
  3. ibcop's Avatar
    I'm gettting the same delay as well and only noticed it about 2-3 days ago.
    01-27-11 08:00 AM
  4. jamie1019a's Avatar
    Thanks for your posts.

    Its mainly a red clock but sometimes a tick without the "d" or "r" and it never ends up with the recipient.

    I've tried both soft and hard reset but no joy. I even got the recipient to try both resets and again no joy.

    I imagine I have the most recent bbm as the phone was only upgraded a week ago.

    I'm with T-mobile. Nobody else on my list (whose also with T-mobile but doesn't have the 9780) has got this problem.

    Also now experiencing problems with "Whats App"!!!!!!
    01-27-11 09:27 AM