1. rooney08's Avatar
    I have recently started to experience problems with my BBM.I am not receiving msg's until about 5-10 mins after they have been sent.
    I using the latest BBM on BB9700.This is getting quiet annoyoing now because the msg's used to be instant
    Has anyone got any ideas why BBM is doing this now

    Many thanks

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    09-28-10 08:52 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    There are a number of reasons why your messages are delayed. Most of them have to do with the network, weather conditions, etc and NOT your handset. So don't panic. Last night, on VZW, my txts to an ATT customer were delayed by 20 minutes. That's unusual but it happened. It cleared up this morning. Fact is, it happens and we can't control when it does. I would check in the outage threads to see if there are known outages before calling your service provider. Other than that, check here on cb and see what's up.

    Things happen. More then likely, it's NOT you.
    09-28-10 04:37 PM