1. scawby's Avatar
    Both my wife and I have done the upgrade to 5.0 on our Storms. My update worked just fine, however since I updated my wife's Storm, she does not have the option from a picture to "Send to Messenger Contact" and she also does not have the option to (in Messenger) "Send a file". Any ideas on how I can get this fixed for her? I went through the same DM process to update mine as I've done on hers. Put the 5.0 OS on through the DM then went and downloaded the App World and then downloaded the BlackBerry Messenger. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
    11-03-09 12:27 AM
  2. VerizonTechie's Avatar
    uninstall, restart phone, then reinstall.

    Sounds to me like the module failed to install properly, and it didn't attach all the necessary services of the phone.
    11-03-09 12:44 AM
  3. BAMpage's Avatar
    I'm having problems with messages taking forever to go through
    11-03-09 10:01 AM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    BBM servers are having issues so you might experience issues
    11-03-09 12:07 PM
  5. Old No. 7's Avatar
    I either didn't back up my BBM contacts, or it's not being able to restore them...
    BBM got deleted after I plugged in to upload a theme I did to test... no big deal right? Wrong... it was going great til I had to re-download and go and find contacts...

    EDIT - and howarmat, you're a dumbass... the plural form of "genius" is "geni!"

    ugh, some ppl
    11-03-09 12:40 PM