1. Jonald-Trump's Avatar
    Hello, have a newer torch with I bought about a month ago. Just recently I did a device switch from my old bb. It seems that every day or so, all of my bbm contacts will be deleted, basically when I go to message someone, it will say that so and so is not a contact, would I like to re add them? After re adding everyone, the next day it will do the same. Any one else had similar problems or know a solution?

    12-14-10 06:49 AM
  2. bigjoe2675's Avatar
    What ver of BBM are you using, I have never had this issue. When moving from my Curve to the Torch, I saved my contacts list to my SD card and imported the contacts list to my Torch. Have you updated to latest BBM?
    I am using BBM ver
    12-14-10 08:18 AM
  3. Piink's Avatar
    I used Desktop manager to move! And saved my list on my SD!! Anyone ?

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    12-14-10 12:40 PM