1. PAWPAW517's Avatar
    Hi guys...
    I updated my BBM to 10 days ago and it worked fine until this morning.
    I decided to do soft reboot and thats where my problem shows.
    All contacts and chats were gone; the only thing left in BBM is group.
    I told my friend to send me messages and "PING!" and I still receive BBM notification (no sound at all).
    I open the BBM and I could not see anything since only groups that are left..

    Anyone have/had the same problems??

    Thanks for the help and info...
    08-20-10 06:35 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    Did you have either of the Backup options set? Either Remote or Local?

    In BBM, press MENU button, select Options. Scroll down to the Backup Management section. Select Restore and try all choices there.

    It's important with the new BBM versions that you enable Remote Backup. This always restores your BBM Contact List after OS upgrade, BBM version ugrades, device switches, etc

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    08-21-10 04:45 AM