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    Well, I have a real problem with Blackberrry Messenger right now. It's driving me crazy!!

    Here are the list of problems:

    1. Cannot view enlarged display pictures

    2. Cannot chat in Group Chats(meaning the group where we can share pictures, lists, calendars, etc.)

    (I can see other's chat though, but when I type and press enter, the thing I typed just disappears. After a while (say 30 mins.) my chat just came up! (Was so embarrassed since they were talking about other things)

    3. Group Updates doesn't come up.

    4. Cannot "View" or "Play" pictures/sound clips people sent to me. I just had to press Save, then go to "Media" to open it manually. It is just annoying.

    5. The worst problem of all. BATTERY DRAINAGE. Well, the battery is dead just after 2-3 hours after fully charged. I am certain it's from blackberry messenger, because yesterday I deleted Blackberry Messenger, and the battery lasted all day. That evening, I installed Blackberry Messenger again. After fully charged, my battery is dead after 2-3 hours.

    That day, I wiped my data (in the options menu). For 3-4 hours, everything went well. All these 5 problems doesn't exist at all. Then, when it came back, the battery went bad again. I just can't cope with wiping my data everytime there's this problem, so... any suggestions?
    I have tried re-installing Blackberry Messenger many many many times, AND I have upgraded/downgraded my OS. (Downgraded to 4.6, upgraded to, downgraded to!!)
    My BBM version is
    I have tried deleting BBM, re-installing it and adding all my contacts MANUALLY, but still, same problem.

    Do you think it's a problem with my hardware? Or does this problem occur on others as well. Should I go and ask my service provider? I have tried blackberry messenger version, but same problem.

    If you have any suggestions, please help me. ITS REALLY DRIVING ME CRAZY.
    If you need any other details, just ask me

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