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    Okay, so many people are postig saying their icture wont change and bla bla, well, i dont know if my picture is changing, but my contacts are not chaging because, heres how it all started

    i installed some apps via the desktop oftware ad then it reset my BBM back to the old version, idk what version lol, and then it deleted all my contacts, so now i updated my BBM via BB App world, and restored m contacts this was 2 days ago.

    Now i can not see anyones pictures apart from one persnos, but she is saying that her pic wont change, this really sucks as i want to be able to see peoples pictures because i have a few contacts which i know but im not sure if its the person who i think it is, so i need to see the picture to be able to see if it is the person who i think it is.

    if anyone can shead some light on this situation or give me some sort of way to be able to fix it this would hellp
    i have tried changing my pics and stuff to see if it would work and there was a broadcast going around saying bropadcast this and your pics will change and many people said it worked so i tried it any nothing had happened,

    thanks for reading,
    12-05-10 07:48 AM