1. me.shell's Avatar
    Does anyone find that when they type fast on BBM that it freezes on them (the keyboard) but yet you can still press enter and to exit the screen you have to press back like 5 times????...is there a key function that is causing this? I thought it was only my phone but my friend is having the same problem I've had the Curve 8900 since Jan 2010...someone help much appreciated
    04-05-10 08:14 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Yep. Freezes like a son of gun too when I would access FB then leave as well. I remember the previous version giving an error and saying the input system was being restarted. This error happens at the exact same time that error would have been displayed on the previous ver.
    04-05-10 08:46 AM
  3. doinelita's Avatar
    I have the same problem. It's very irritating but is solved with a battery pull, and I always just assumed it was a bug. Curious to see if there's a fix or it'll get fixed in the next version.

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    04-06-10 01:01 AM
  4. in2mssage16's Avatar
    Funny, I am having the same issue. My BBM did not start acting up until I did the BBM update. I like the picture for the contact, and the ability to scan another pin picture but this is really F*n irritating. I end the conversation and restart a new message to get the text to reappear...
    04-09-10 03:01 PM