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    Recently unlocked my Pearl FLip 8220 from Rogers. I am now using a pre-paid SIM from Movistar in Argentina.

    I never used BBM or had service with Rogers in Canada. I just bought the phone in Canada. I'm trying to configure + start using BBM for the first time but I can't seem to get BBM working. Nobody is getting my contact requests.

    I'm guessing that it will not work on a pre-paid SIM for some reason. Looking to understand what I have to do to get it working.

    From what I have read with other carriers I'm guessing I need some kind of data plan not covered by the prepaid SIM. I don't get why this is necessary. Can't my BBM messages just go through the wifi? I don't know how it works but it seems kind of stupid to me if you can't send them through the internet.

    I don't want to spend more on a data plan....is this the direction the conversation is headed?

    11-19-11 12:50 AM
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    You need a specific BLACKBERRY Data Plan in order to use BlackBerry Data features such as BBM even over WiFi. That's just how it works.

    As to whether that is offered on prepaid is something you need to ask your carrier/service provider.
    11-19-11 07:57 AM
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    I'm not a BB nut. I just bought the phone because I was cheap. I didn't look into all this stuff. I'm sort of stuck here because i'm in argentina long enough to need a phone but short enough that a contract is too long. The pre-paid sims don't offer BB data plans. They have data plans, just not BB data plans.

    Data is Data. I don't get it. Putting special rules around BB data seems arbitrary. Maybe net-neutrality needs to get applied to cell networks too.

    I think the company (RIM, not movistar) would have a lot less problems if they got rid of this Blackberry specific data thing. If the phone has wifi, why do I have to give my phone company money to use their towers (the data plan) in order to activate the wifi functionality that avoids using using the towers? The whole point of wifi is that it is free. They clearly had to build in something to restrict it and give the phone companies this money grab.

    I should be able to use BBM on a phone with NO sim card in side it, using only WIFI. It has to be technically possible. Seems the only reason it is not is because they built it that way. Usefulness of the tool has come second to making sure someone can charge me extra dough along the way.

    I understand "that's just how it works" -- but I am baffled why they'd build it this way. BB should care more about the end user and less about doing favours to phone companies.

    Why does BB need to make sure i'm paying extra to my phone provider before I can use a free tool it built into the phones? BBM is supposedly one of the features thats keeping people using BBs these days. Why not make it as easy and hassle free as possible to use it? I am one less person who's able to see whats so great about BB products because of this silly hurdle in the way of one of their 'killer' features.

    Even if I wanted to pay extra to try a feature I've never used before my provider won't take my money in this case and there is no possibility of switching. Only one company offers prepaid sim to foreigners here and it's not like I can send RIM 5 bucks to get me going.
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    11-19-11 11:27 AM
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    Data isn't data. BlackBerry Data passes through the RIM servers. It requires the proper Service Books on the device which are pushed to the device from the carrier once the device is active on the proper data plan.

    Just because you think that you "should be able to use BBM on the phone with NO sim card in side it, using only WIFI" doesn't mean that it works that way.

    RIM cares about security. It's not about them being able to "charge extra dough".

    Researching before you made the purchase would have revealed the way that it works.

    You need to get a different device or accept the reality that you will not be able to use the features that require a service plan that you do not have.

    11-19-11 11:34 AM