1. OzBBvirgin's Avatar
    I have a 9700 on Vodafone network in Australia.
    Out of the blue, just ONE contact (who happens to be the MAIN contact!), stopped receiving BBM messages from me so he PINned me ... I received the message but then couldn't reply. My message said "service blocked".
    We have been unable to BBM or PIN since. This is with JUST this one contact and same from his end (and he has 100's of contacts).
    I have been onto Vodafone BB tech support and we have done every upgrade and wipe imaginable and they have no answer.
    In desparation last week I went out and got a NEW contract with Optus and a different BB (curve) and the SAME thing happened!!!
    This is only happening between him and me?
    Any ideas?
    Please ... Im getting slightly desparate
    03-29-10 12:10 AM