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  1. BlkBryAddict's Avatar
    I got it to work. Very easy to do and then I sent them to all my BBM contacts! They were surprised with all the new emoticons.

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    02-26-10 09:49 PM
  2. dnoredsi's Avatar
    worked for me on my 9700 in bb browser
    02-26-10 09:49 PM
  3. bbRedSi's Avatar
    what is so hard about this guys? you copy and paste those blocks and email them to yourself, then you paste them into bbm, they won't show up unless they're in a bbm conversation, EVERYWHERE else you'll only see black boxes, so you'll want to paste them into a conversation, then copy each individual one that you want to use and add it to an autotext entry, this is the only way you'll get to use these without copy and pasting all of them everytime you want to use them, theres no 'send me these so they'll work' you're going to have to do these steps, theres no other way.

    Exactly! lol. Works great on my Tour! I've been sending random ones to everyone in my BBM haha
    02-26-10 09:50 PM
  4. dsmbball's Avatar
    Finally got it, had to upgrade to BBM latest version and then it worked, ya!!
    02-26-10 10:02 PM
  5. BergerKing's Avatar
    There's only about 286 of them. At least in the page of them I have. That's quite a few symbols.

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    02-26-10 10:12 PM
  6. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Yeah, BBM buddy sent them to me. So, if there is an easier way to save them at one time great. Otherwise, looks cool. But, I'll pass. BTW, it's not hard at all. Like others, I just don't have the time to save them- right now.
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    02-26-10 11:04 PM
  7. rpmgsxr's Avatar
    let see im trying to add it to my auto text

    for example when i add the pig

    i want it to replace (pig) with the pig icon not when i type pig but the damn auto text wont let me add parentheses.... so lame

    can someone figure out how to do this thing through a COD file
    Just type it in all caps.
    02-26-10 11:06 PM
  8. Turbod's Avatar
    Here it is laid out with symbol then discription. I had no idea what some of the symbols were, so some editing will have to be done to your taste. It is late, so I didnt check any spelling whatsoever, and not postive I got them all. I uploaded it as a notepad document here:

    Download BBM Emoticons.txt from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    Otherwise here it is laid out:

    Red arrow to right and up
    Red Music Note
    Steamy Water
    Funky Plus
    Red Lips
    Light Bulb On
    Fist Front View
    Red Music Notes
    Two Hearts
    Broken Heart
    Beating Heart
    Big Heart
    0 Box
    9 Box
    8 Box
    7 Box
    6 Box
    5 Box
    4 Box
    3 Box
    2 Box
    1 Box
    Q in Octagon
    # Sign With Lines Above and Below
    Yellow Blob
    Yellow Blob in Box
    D with Circle Around It
    Free in Box
    ID with Lines Above and Below
    Red Return Arrow
     CL with Lines Above and Below
    Magnifying Glass
    NEW with Lines Above and Below
    Red Stop Sign
    Send Mail
     Make Call
    Person Silhoulette
    Moon and Star in Black Box
    Right Arrow with Soon under it
    Double Arrow with On under it
    Left Arrow with End under it
    Analog Clock
    White Pen
    Movie Symbol
    Bottom Left Arrow
    Christmas Tree
    Island Scene
    White Ball
    Fist from Side
    Fist Peace Sign
    Hand Open
    Bottom Right Arrow
    Upward Left Arrow
    Handicap Symbol
    Black Ball
    White Ball Black Spot
    Half White/Black Ball
    Mostly Black Ball
    Compact Disc
    Game Controller
    Memo Pad Symbol
    Cell Phone
    Telephone Symbol
    Birthday Cake
     Bow Tie
    Red Hand Bag
    No Smoking
    Hot Coffe Cup
     Martini Glass
    Red High Heel Shoe
    Movie Camera Symbol
    Upward Right Arrow
    Ferris Wheel
    Blue Music Note
    Paint Pallete
    Happy Sad Masks
    Yellow Thing?
    Dinner Plate Symbol
    Restroom Symbol
    Stoplight Sideways
    Blue P in Circle
    Gas Pump
    24 hrs Calendar Symbol?
    Lodging Symbol
    ATM Symbol
    Yen House
    Red Cross House Symbol
    Red T House Symbol
    Ocean Liner
    Green Aquarius
    Sports Jersey
    Olympic Torch?
    Tennis Racket and Ball
    Soccer Ball
    Skiing Figure
    Basketball Hoop and Ball
    Checkered Flag
    Green People Mover
    Yellow M in Circle
     Jet Front
    Station Wagon
    Yellow Numero Symbol
    Red Sagitarius
    Blue Scorpio
     Electrical Ohm Symbol
    Yellow Virgo
    Red Leo
    Blue 3D Downward Left Arrow
    Dashes symbolizing Rows
    Thunder Cloud
    Umbrella with Rain
    Blue Downward Arrow From Left
    Blue Z's Sleeping
    Red Exclamation
    Red Exclamation and Blue Question
    Two Red Exclamations
    Squiggly Arrows Pointing at eachother
    Rain Drops
    Rain Drop
    Puff of Air
    Jagged Line
    Flying Animal
    Red OK with lines above and below
    lowercase a
    lowercase a in box
    Blue T Shirt
    White Purse
    Warm Cup
    Hour Glass
    Diamond Engagement Ring
    Kings Crown
    Green Crayon
    Heart Envelope
    Money Bag
     Surfer
    Paint Brush
    Closed Eye Smiley
    Paper Clip
    Copyright Symbol
     Sighing Smiley
    Worried Smiley
    TM Trademark
    Running Stick Figure
    Very Worried Smiley
    Very Angry Smiley
    Electricity in Ball
    Caution Triangle
    Sideways Looking Smiley
    Heart Eyes Smiley
    Trademark Symbol
    Exclamation in Triangle
    Thumbs Up Fist
    Tounge Out Winking Smiley
    Electrical Face Smiley?
    Winking Smiley
    Medium Smile Smiley
    Big Frown Smiley
    Animal Face Smiley
     Big Cry Smiley
    Little Cry Smiley
    Red NG with lines Above and Below
    Factory Building
    Up/Down Arrow
     Left/Right Arrow
    Foreign Circle Symbol 1
    Foreign Circle Symbol 2
    Foreign Circle Symbol 3
    Four Leaf Clover
    Two Leaf Clover
    Winter Hat
    Cake Slice
    Bottle And Cup
    Chewing Smiley
    Grill Smiley
    Wine Glass

    Two Hands To Face Smiley
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    02-26-10 11:32 PM
  9. cenloe's Avatar
    can somebody please send them to me too. I tried to email the squares but they come up in chinese symbols.

    please send me some 31D43081
    My wife and I both use Verizon Tours and are both running the latest BB Messenger-, or so we thought. The emoticons worked on my Tour but not on hers, she kept getting Chinese or Japanese characters instead. We tried everything, even went into setup and tried to delete unused languages, but we had already deleted all Asian languages. Her BB Messenger said that she had the latest version but I suggest she just reinstall it anyways. So she went to www.blackberry.com/messenger and just download it over the version she had installed (the same exact version) and the emoticons now work-no more Asian characters. Give that a try, oh -we are both running .419
    02-26-10 11:35 PM
  10. cmbasurto's Avatar
    Can somebody please tell me step by step instructions to get all the emoticons onto my messenger
    02-26-10 11:52 PM
  11. exelant's Avatar
    A way to save them for use and to see what you're using to create autotext entries is to create a group, or use one of your current groups. Then open lists and create a list, paste the symbols into the list's comment box. You'll need to break them up into 3 groups because the comment box won't hold them all. Now you'll be able to see them for use in autotext or simply copy and paste from the list to where you're going to post it.

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    02-26-10 11:53 PM
  12. baller3hoe5's Avatar
    Can someone pls just do a list wit icon nd wat dey are? Dat wud b great...I have the flags list....I have this emoticons 4 over 6months bt it takes 4evr 2 pute em on autotext its easier on a list I.e

    *AF* Afghanistan
    *AX* Aland Islands
    *AL* Albania
    *DZ* Algeria
    *AS* American Samoa
    *AD* Andorra
    *AO* Angola
    *AI* Anguilla
    *AQ* Antarctica
    *AG* Antigua and Barbuda
    *AR* Argentina
    *AM* Armenia
    *AW* Aruba
    *AC* Ascension Island
    *AU* Australia
    *AT* Austria
    *AZ* Azerbaijan
    *BS* Bahamas
    *BH* Bahrain
    *BB* Barbados
    *BD* Bangladesh
    *BY* Belarus
    *BE* Belgium
    *BZ* Belize
    *BJ* Benin
    *BM* Bermuda
    *BT* Bhutan
    *BW* Botswana
    *BO* Bolivia
    *BA* Bosnia and Herzegovina
    *BV* Bouvet Island
    *BR* Brazil
    *IO* British Indian Ocean Territory
    *BN* Brunei Darussalam
    *BG* Bulgaria
    *BF* Burkina Faso
    *BI* Burundi
    *KH* Cambodia
    *CM* Cameroon
    *CA* Canada
    *CV* Cape Verde
    *KY* Cayman Islands
    *CF* Central African Republic
    *TD* Chad
    *CL* Chile
    *CN* China
    *CX* Christmas Island
    *CC* Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    *CO* Colombia
    *KM* Comoros
    *CG* Congo
    *CD* Congo, Democratic Republic
    *CK* Cook Islands
    *CR* Costa Rica
    *CI* Cote DIvoire (Ivory Coast)
    *HR* Croatia (Hrvatska)
    *CU* Cuba
    *CY* Cyprus
    *CZ* Czech Republic
    *CS* Czechoslovakia (former)
    *DK* Denmark
    *DJ* Djibouti
    *DM* Dominica
    *DO* Dominican Republic
    *TP* East Timor
    *EC* Ecuador
    *EG* Egypt
    *SV* El Salvador
    *GQ* Equatorial Guinea
    *ER* Eritrea
    *EE* Estonia
    *ET* Ethiopia
    *FK* Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
    *FO* Faroe Islands
    *FJ* Fiji
    *FI* Finland
    *FR* France
    *FX* France, Metropolitan
    *GF* French Guiana
    *PF* French Polynesia
    *TF* French Southern Territories
    *MK* F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia)
    *GA* Gabon
    *GM* Gambia
    *GE* Georgia
    *DE* Germany
    *GH* Ghana
    *GI* Gibraltar
    *GB* Great Britain (UK)
    *GR* Greece
    *GL* Greenland
    *GD* Grenada
    *GP* Guadeloupe
    *GU* Guam
    *GT* Guatemala
    *GN* Guinea
    *GW* Guinea-Bissau
    *GY* Guyana
    *HT* Haiti
    *HM* Heard and McDonald Islands
    *HN* Honduras
    *HK* Hong Kong
    *HU* Hungary
    *IS* Iceland
    *IN* India
    *ID* Indonesia
    *IR* Iran
    *IQ* Iraq
    *IE* Ireland
    *IL* Israel
    *IM* Isle of Man
    *IT* Italy
    *JE* Jersey
    *JM* Jamaica
    *JP* Japan
    *JO* Jordan
    *KZ* Kazakhstan
    *KE* Kenya
    *KI* Kiribati
    *KP* Korea (North)
    *KR* Korea (South)
    *KW* Kuwait
    *KG* Kyrgyzstan
    *LA* Laos
    *LV* Latvia
    *LB* Lebanon
    *LI* Liechtenstein
    *LR* Liberia
    *LY* Libya
    *LS* Lesotho
    *LT* Lithuania
    *LU* Luxembourg
    *MO* Macau
    *MG* Madagascar
    *MW* Malawi
    *MY* Malaysia
    *MV* Maldives
    *ML* Mali
    *MT* Malta
    *MH* Marshall Islands
    *MQ* Martinique
    *MR* Mauritania
    *MU* Mauritius
    *YT* Mayotte
    *MX* Mexico
    *FM* Micronesia
    *MD* Moldova
    *MC* Monaco
    *ME* Montenegro
    *MS* Montserrat
    *MA* Morocco
    *MZ* Mozambique
    *MM* Myanmar
    *NA* Namibia
    *NR* Nauru
    *NP* Nepal
    *NL* Netherlands
    *AN* Netherlands Antilles
    *NT* Neutral Zone
    *NC* New Caledonia
    *NZ* New Zealand (Aotearoa)
    *NI* Nicaragua
    *NE* Niger
    *NG* Nigeria
    *NU* Niue
    *NF* Norfolk Island
    *MP* Northern Mariana Islands
    *NO* Norway
    *OM* Oman
    *PK* Pakistan
    *PW* Palau
    *PS* Palestinian Territory, Occupied
    *PA* Panama
    *PG* Papua New Guinea
    *PY* Paraguay
    *PE* Peru
    *PH* Philippines
    *PN* Pitcairn
    *PL* Poland
    *PT* Portugal
    *PR Puerto Rico
    *QA* Qatar
    *RE* Reunion
    *RO* Romania
    *RU* Russian Federation
    *RW* Rwanda
    *GS* S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.
    *KN* Saint Kitts and Nevis
    *LC* Saint Lucia
    *VC* Saint Vincent the Grenadines
    *WS* Samoa
    *SM* San Marino
    *ST* Sao Tome and Principe
    *SA* Saudi Arabia
    *SN* Senegal
    *RS* Serbia
    *SC* Seychelles
    *SL* Sierra Leone
    *SG* Singapore
    *SI* Slovenia
    *SK* Slovak Republic
    *SB* Solomon Islands
    *SO* Somalia
    *ZA* South Africa
    *GS* S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.
    *ES* Spain
    *LK* Sri Lanka
    *SH* St. Helena
    *PM* St. Pierre and Miquelon
    *SD* Sudan
    *SR* Suriname
    *SJ* Svalbard Jan Mayen Islands
    *SZ* Swaziland
    *SE* Sweden
    *CH* Switzerland
    *SY* Syria
    *TW* Taiwan
    *TJ* Tajikistan
    *TZ* Tanzania
    *TH* Thailand
    *TG* Togo
    *TK* Tokelau
    *TO* Tonga
    *TT* Trinidad and Tobago
    *TN* Tunisia
    *TR* Turkey
    *TM* Turkmenistan
    *TC* Turks and Caicos Islands
    *TV* Tuvalu
    *UG* Uganda
    *UA* Ukraine
    *AE* United Arab Emirates
    *UK* United Kingdom
    *US* United States
    *UM* US Minor Outlying Islands
    *UY* Uruguay
    *SU* USSR (former)
    *UZ* Uzbekistan
    *VU* Vanuatu
    *VA* Vatican City State (Holy See)
    *VE* Venezuela
    *VN* Viet Nam
    *VG* British Virgin Islands
    *VI* Virgin Islands (U.S.)
    *WF* Wallis and Futuna Islands
    *EH* Western Sahara
    *YE* Yemen
    *YU* Yugoslavia (former)
    *ZM* Zambia
    *ZR* Zaire) See CD Congo, Democratic Republic
    *ZW* Zimbabwe


    [ ? ] BlackBerry Logo
    [??] crossed heart
    [ ] inverted exclamation mark
    [ ] cent
    [ ] pound
    [ ] currency
    [ ] yen
    [ ] euro sign
    [ ] broken vertical bar
    [ ] section
    [ ] spacing diaeresis
    [ ] copyright
    [ ] feminine ordinal indicator
    [ ] left angle quotation mark
    [ ] negation
    [ ] registered trademark
    [ ] trademark
    [ ] spacing macron
    [ ] degree - e.g. 45
    [ ] plus-or-minus
    [ ] superscript 2
    [ ] superscript 3
    [ ] spacing acute
    [ ] micro
    [ ] paragraph
    [ ] middle dot
    [ ] spacing cedilla
    [ ] superscript 1
    [ ] masculine ordinal indicator
    [ ] right angle quotation mark
    [ ] fraction 1/4
    [ ] fraction 1/2
    [ ] fraction 3/4
    [ ] inverted question mark
    [ ] multiplication
    [ ] division

    More Miscellaneous Symbols

    [ ? ] Service Mark
    [ ? ] care of
    [ ? ] numero symbol - number sign
    [ ? ] Ohm
    [ ? ] sunshine - sun
    [ ? ] cloudy - cloud
    [ ? ] raining - rain
    [ ? ] snow - snowman
    [ ? ] lightning
    [ ? ] sun
    [ ? ] phone number - phone service
    [ ? ] check box - ballot box
    [ ? ] ballot box check mark
    [ ? ] skull & crossbones
    [ ? ] caution sign
    [ ? ] radioactive sign
    [ ? ] Crescent Moon & Star
    [ ? ] hammer & sickle
    [ ? ] peace sign
    [ ? ] yin & yang
    [ ? ] frowning face
    [ ? ] smiley face
    [ ? ] black smiley face
    [ ? ] lozenge

    Letterlike Symbols

    [ ? ] rightwards arrow
    [ ? ] downwards arrow

    [ ? ] Earth symbol
    [ ? ] Mars - Male symbol
    [ ? ] Jupiter
    [ ? ] Saturn
    [ ? ] Uranus
    [ ? ] Neptune
    [ ? ] Pluto
    [ ? ] Aries
    [ ? ] Taurus
    [ ? ] Gemini
    [ ? ] Cancer
    [ ? ] Leo
    [ ? ] Virgo
    [ ? ] Libra
    [ ? ] Scorpio
    [ ? ] Sagitarius
    [ ? ] Capricorn
    [ ? ] Aquarius
    [ ? ] Pisces


    [ ? ] White King
    [ ? ] White Queen
    [ ? ] White Rook
    [ ? ] White Bishop
    [ ? ] White Knight
    [ ? ] White Pawn
    [ ? ] Black King
    [ ? ] Black Queen
    [ ? ] Black Rook
    [ ? ] Black Bishop
    [ ? ] Black Knight
    [ ? ] Black Pawn
    [ ? ] black spade suit
    [ ? ] red heart suit
    [ ? ] red diamond suit
    [ ? ] black club suit = shamrock
    [ ? ] red spade suit
    [ ? ] black heart suit = valentine
    [ ? ] black diamond suit
    [ ? ] red club suit
    Musical Symbols

    [ ? ] musicalquarter note
    [ ? ] musical eighth note
    [ ? ] musical single bar note
    [ ? ] musical double bar note
    [ ? ] flat note
    [ ? ] natural note
    [ ? ] sharp note]

    [ ? ] hot springs
    [ ? ] cut above
    [ ? ] cut here
    [ ? ] cut below
    [ ? ] scissors]
    [ ? ] public pay phone
    [ ? ] film reel - tape spool
    [ ? ] airport jet airplane
    [ ? ] envelope mail email
    [ ? ] victory sign
    [ ? ] signature - sign here
    [ ? ] pencil diagonal down
    [ ? ] pencil
    [ ? ] pencil diagonal up
    [ ? ] check mark
    [ ? ] heavy check mark
    [ ? ] multiplication sign X
    [ ? ] heavy multiplication sign X
    [ ? ] ballot X
    [ ? ] heavy ballot X
    [ ? ] Latin Roman Cross
    [ ? ] Latin Cross 3D shadow
    [ ? ] Latin Cross outline
    [ ? ] Maltese Cross
    [ ? ] Star of David
    Celestial and Astrological Symbols

    [ ? ] Earth symbol
    [ ? ] Aries
    [ ? ] Taurus
    [ ? ] Gemini
    [ ? ] Cancer
    [ ? ] Leo
    [ ? ] Virgo
    [ ? ] Libra
    [ ? ] Scorpio
    [ ? ] Sagitarius
    [ ? ] Capricorn
    [ ? ] Aquarius
    [ ? ] Pisces

    Well I just hooked evry1 up wit the list can just sum1 hook it up wit da emoticon list? Plz

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    02-26-10 11:54 PM
  13. d-drop's Avatar
    while these icons are new, people have been using autotext to display characters for years, i added all these new ones that i would use in about 20 minutes, i can only imagine it taking hours if you had no hands, and nobody said you had to use them.
    Made me lol
    02-26-10 11:58 PM
  14. Turbod's Avatar
    baller3shoe5, did you even read through the posts? The list is 4 posts above yours.

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    02-27-10 12:07 AM
  15. Mami-Chula's Avatar
    Finally got it, had to upgrade to BBM latest version and then it worked, ya!!
    So I have to be on the upgrade version Forget it. I'm scared to lose my themes & other things I have. Still running on old 4.5. Thanks peps, but I'll just pass. I'll create my own or copy ones from others I like in plain black & white.


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    02-27-10 12:32 AM
  16. Neliel_Sugiura's Avatar
    LOL it all looks like a load of Chinese to me...
    02-27-10 01:04 AM
  17. meesh.au's Avatar
    Works for me!!!! I'm on a 9700, running OS 5....423
    02-27-10 01:12 AM
  18. GoatSlayer's Avatar
    Works on my Tour after I realized that I didn't have the latest update to BBM and did the upgrade.
    02-27-10 01:32 AM
  19. hadleyaulia's Avatar
    it didnt work on my 9700..
    i already followed the steps and when i copied it into BBM, it still black boxes
    02-27-10 01:35 AM
  20. JRob7979's Avatar
    ok, if your using a Storm 2, this is exactly how I did it.

    First get all of the symbols in BBM, it should look something like the picture below,

    Then, you need to highlight an emoticon of your choosing like in the picture below,

    Then copy the emoticon,

    Go to "edit autotext"

    And then you can choose whatever you want in the "Replace" spot, for this example I chose tree. Then in the "With" spot, select paste.

    You will get a black box in the spot like in the picture below, but don't worry about it,

    Click save, and then to see if it worked, type in the word you chose

    Click space, and then your image should appear,
    02-27-10 01:55 AM
  21. jas0ns's Avatar
    Ahh you beat me to the punch.

    Here's how I did it on non-touchscreen device - 8900 to be specific.

    Add Emoticons to your Blackberry
    02-27-10 02:03 AM
  22. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Ok guys , finally got what i've been looking for, plenty of pics:

              

     
     

    Kewl. Trying this presently. Thanks for the info.
    02-27-10 06:50 AM
  23. 36dbldz's Avatar
    Its cool and all but it doesnt work on sms, or at least on mine. try it. so dont make it the actual word awight
    02-27-10 07:18 AM
  24. BlkBryAddict's Avatar
    Can't work on sms.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-27-10 07:58 AM
  25. BlkBryAddict's Avatar
    Can't work on sms. Only special ppl w/ BBM.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-27-10 07:59 AM
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