1. Ashes17's Avatar
    Hey guys, first post to the forums here.

    I've had a blackberry for about a year and i love it. There's been one thing that I've been unsure about since I got my blackberry, though. I searched the forums but couldn't find an answer to my specific question, though i have found similar threads.

    My plan includes unlimited social networking and instant messaging but NO DATA. I can use facebook and twitter (because they are part of social networking) and have unlimited bbm messages (instant messaging, obviously) but I cannot use the bell mobility browser or other data services.

    If I send a picture or voice note through bbm (or BeepUs) from outside a wifi zone, will it use data and therefore charge me for usage?

    It may be a dumb question, but it always worries me when someone tries to send me a picture over bbm while im out and about, and I see that it is "X kilobytes". I never know whether to accept then, or to go to a wifi zone before accepting.

    Thanks for reading fellow crack addicts!
    12-07-11 01:51 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    because they are within BBM and that is what you are provisioned for there should be no extra chargers.

    I would call Bell just to re assure it.
    12-07-11 05:28 PM