1. l4lemons's Avatar
    I update my bbm picutre and on my phone it shows, but on my friends phone it shows my old picture still, it doesnt update it on there phones... I Tryed a battery pull, unistalling and instaling bbm again, any sugestionsss?
    08-28-10 10:16 AM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    I would imagine this is just an issue with the bbm servers. There isn't much you can do from your side. I've seen this issue a lot and there isn't much you can do. But, just for kicks - what version of BBM are you running? Go to Options>Applications>Pull down menu, change 3rd Party to Add-on>Blackberry Messenger 5.0.X.XX?

    I would imagine that the BBM servers just haven't updated it...

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    08-31-10 02:04 PM