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    Does it cost money to BBM people that are overseas in UK from the US?

    From what I know/read I don't think so. From what I understand is that its like using any other IM service like AIM/Yahoo/MSN where you just need the EMail(or PIN for BB) and you can IM all you want. I have Verizon 9550 with the unlimited data plan so as long as I don't go out of country or somewhere roaming like out of coverage, I'm okay to BBM people who are overseas correct? I just don't want to run up a huge phone bill!

    That goes for the other person too then right? As long as they are in their country and not roaming or anything they can BBM for free also?
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    Can somebody verify if what I understood and found is correct or incorrect?
    11-09-10 08:26 PM