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    I will be starting work on a cruise ship based out of Miami in September and thought BBM might be a good way to keep in contact with friends and family back in the UK. Will it still be free to use BBM from the US? If not would buying a local US simcard allow me to use free BBM from US to friends in the UK? Any other tips for me to keep in touch would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance for all your advice,
    08-23-11 03:20 AM
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    OK to clarify, BBM usage is not technically free as such. The reason why people normally say it's free is that they usually get a data allowance that covers the usage of their BBM. Assuming you normally send text through your BBM (as opposed to pictures/videos/voice notes), then the data usage is minimal and doesn't even come close to exceeding your allowance. When travelling abroad things are different. Not sure what operator you're with in UK, but I'll give you an example based on Vodafone.

    With Vodafone you'll get charged 3 per mb (1024 Kbs) if you start using data. Now if you only use say 54Kb, you'll still get charged 3. Once you go even slightly over 1mb, then you'll get charged another 3. And also, the charge is daily and you can't carry forward unused limit to the next day. Here is a quick example of scenario:

    Day 1 - used: 54Kb - charge: 3
    Day 2 - used: 250Kb - charge: 3
    Day 3 - used: 1500Kb - charge: 6
    TOTAL: 12

    So, if you're going to be in US for a while, might make sense to get a local SIM with BlackBerry Service. Also, if you do wish to keep your SIM, then speak to your operator, because most of them have data plans for traveling abroad, where you pay a fixed price for certain data allowance.
    08-23-11 04:06 AM
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    BBM works over wifi. Will you have reliable wifi on the ship?
    08-23-11 04:14 AM
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    Thanks for responses so far.

    Unfortunately, I don't think wifi is guaranteed on the ship - and also expensive to access.

    Looks like a local simcard will be preferred option.

    Keen to get any further views/recommendations.
    08-23-11 05:12 AM