1. miss-moi-03's Avatar
    so, i got a blackberry from Bell and i got someone to unlock it for me. then i put a rogers sim card in it. i can use wifi for internet and it works perfectly fine but i was wondering if there was any way to get bbm? i have a bold 9700. please put links to videos or general instructions. please and thank you
    11-23-10 06:42 PM
  2. pbflash's Avatar
    You can't use BBM without a BB data plan.
    11-23-10 06:47 PM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    PBFlash is correct.

    Without a data plan you will not be able to use BBM, FaceBook or Twitter.

    for these you will need to add a blackberry data plan to your account.
    11-23-10 06:53 PM