1. marcodumenil's Avatar
    Hello everyone, i have a little problem on my Bold 9700

    I had a friend on bbm for more than a year now (even on my last Blackberry) and we talk nearly everyday.

    Suddenly two days ago, i can see that he's not in my contact list, and when i saw his phone (old curve) he can send me messages, and the delivered 'D' can appear on his phone !! (where i don't receive anything)

    Plus, now he deleted me, and added me again, several times because it didnt work, but each time he did this i could receive a bbm notifications at the top of my screen,

    now i have 3 bbm notifications, don't have my best buddy in my contacts..

    I tried several times to reboot the phone, but when back on "new bbm notifications' ...3again, with nothing when i open the bbm ap ...

    Thank you for you help, it's really annoying :S
    05-23-10 04:18 AM
  2. marcodumenil's Avatar
    no one has this problem before ?
    does anyone knows how i could delete the notifications not showing ?
    05-23-10 01:13 PM
  3. trixie819's Avatar
    I can only think of two things.

    1. Check that you didn't accidentally block him

    2. Back up your contact list, restore it, then try adding him

    Good luck and I hope it works

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    05-23-10 11:57 PM