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    I am running BBM running OS 7.0.0 bundle 1315 on a T-mobile 9900. For the last few days my BBM has not been working consistently. I had an error message 102 and had to reinstall the OS on Wednesday and starting Thursday BBM hasn't been working consistently.

    All other internet based apps and email/browser are working. I can receive BBMs. When I try to send BBMs I keep getting the red clock icon next to the message.

    Sometimes BBM works sometimes it doesn't. I've tried battery pulls and soft resets, that only seems to fix it for a few minutes at best. This morning I even deleted BBM and reinstalled it. That still only seemed to solve the problem momentarily because that red clock icon is back next to all messages I try to send out.

    Can anyone help?

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    10-02-11 10:10 AM
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    maybe its just bbm is down or sending slow last week bbm wasnt working in canada for a whole night sometimes the network gets glitchy
    10-02-11 03:09 PM
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    I don't think so. Other friends on T-Mobile haven't had any problems nor have friends on other carriers. Any other ideas?

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    10-02-11 04:47 PM
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    But none of them have a new Blackberry with OS 7. So maybe it's a BBM on OS 7 device problem.

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    10-02-11 04:59 PM
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    try downloading the newer betas its working fine for me blackberry.com/beta sign up for it
    10-02-11 05:14 PM
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    It was a bug for OS 7 devices..
    Visit beta center and install bbm for OS 7..
    They released a new update for OS 7 bug.

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    10-02-11 05:17 PM
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    I seem to have some problems with my BBM as well. I'm not sure if its because I'm in Canada, or because I'm still using the stock OS version, or I just have a problem w/ my connection or something.

    I heard a lot about last week BBM in Canada was kind of glitchy and was having some problems, however one of my friends told me that out of all her contacts in BBM, when she sends me a message only mine usually takes a couple minutes to be delivered to me. As oppose to it being delivered instantly usually.

    Is this a problem with my OS version? Should I call Rogers tech support? Any suggestions/tips/help would be awesome, thanks in advance!
    10-02-11 06:39 PM
  8. lzeng's Avatar
    just upgrade to .353 and the newest bbm beta on blackberry.com/beta everything works and sends fine and quickly for me
    10-02-11 06:52 PM
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    Ok. Thanks everyone! I'll go get the new version from beta now.

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    10-02-11 11:58 PM
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    I just downloaded the new version from beta and am already have the same issue. Got the red clock (waiting) icon next to the first message I tried to send after downloading it. Any other ideas?

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    10-03-11 12:47 AM
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    I have the same problem and its irritating me, battery pulls would fix it only for a couple of mintues, but then it stops working, i have tried each and every suggestion up to date and nothing seems to help, but if i connect to my wifi bbm is working, so whenever im outside the house no bbm please help? anything else i can try? .

    Just realized this is an old post. theres nothing wrong with my network provider, all my freinds send and recive with ease, I am currently using the bold9900. works fine on my 9780
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