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    I know there are probably a million threads on BBM not delivering messages, but honestly I'm not Blackberry savvy at all, and I never understand the instructions that people are trying to give.

    A few days ago I upgraded my BB to OS 6 using Desktop Manager. I then started having problems with BBM, as in my messages were only seldom delivering (D above checkmark) to my contacts. I got fed up with this, and the OS 6 interface as well, so I just downgraded back to OS 5.0 using Desktop Manager. I was hoping this would fix the problem, but it hasn't. How do I fix this, without having much knowledge of the functions and operations of the Blackberry? I tried a battery pull when I had it on OS 6, and I tried a battery pull once I realized the issue wasn't solved in OS 5, but it didn't help.

    EDIT: After posting this, I did another reboot, then registered on the network, which both failed to fix the problem. I then figured out how to send my service books, which also failed to help me with delivering my BBMs. So I'm basically stuck at this point. Another issue I've been having after I downgraded to OS 5 again is that I can't make a phone call from the homescreen. If I start trying the numbers (e.g., I start typing with number 5) then screens from different applications start showing up instead of the enlarged numbers that would normally come up for making a call (e.g., number 5 brings up the Memos application screen). I can only make a call from the "Phone" application screen. Does anyone know if this is a problem which coincides with what's going on with my BBM?
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    05-16-11 09:29 PM
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    Sounds like Universal search still which is OS 6. What OS does it display when you press ALT-SHIFT-H?
    05-17-11 08:54 AM
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    A page appears with the title "Help Me!" and a lot of informations about my device.

    After I edited my original post, and sent my service books for a second time, my BBM eventually started working for about a day. But it has stopped working again. As for the failing to dial from the homescreen, I figured out that for some reason the option was turned off (Options > Phone Options > General Options > Dial From Home Screen), so I turned it back on. This still doesn't help me with my BBM not working properly though. I guess the next step would be to go to my provider tomorrow? Although I highly doubt they'll help at all : /
    05-17-11 11:25 PM