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    My gf bbm isn't working after the vzw update. Its not sending or receiving any bbms. She's getting emails and txts but not bbms

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    04-01-10 12:44 PM
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    Do a back up of her phone via desktop manager. Then open the browser and click book marks. Look for one called blackberry help. On that page there is a link to black berry messenger. Download it and let it reinstall.. If she registered her bbm with her email than she can restore her info and contacts pins that way.

    But if not then u can use the advanced restore and restore her bbm info.. to do this follow these steps .

    plug phone in and go to desktop manager. click back up and restore. Then advanced. there will be 2 windows. The one on the right is whats on the phone. On the left window, click file, open, and load your back up, scroll to what you want, in the left window, highlight it, in your case you want blackberry messenger and bb groups if she had a group. Then hit the arrow pointing right thats in the middle of the 2 windows..It will overwrite the data on the phone putting the bbm data where it needs to be...
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