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    I got a Blackberry 8520 back at the start of the summer holidays. The phone was working fine until my bbm stopped working. My recent updates button disappeared and I was not able to add anyone or for them to add me. The two contacts I did have for the time my bbm was working, it didn't update their pictures or statuses. I have many people pending but the request dosen't come through and their is no button for me to accept it. I am on pay as you go and I realise that you have to pay an addded 5 pounds per month, I did that but it still didn't work. I am on vodaphone and I went to my local place to see if they could sort it out they said it was to do with the internet connection. I have read many online forums, however none of them seen to state how to sort this problem out. Also my emails stopped coming through. I sent a registration letter but it still didn't work. The people I do have on bbm when I try to talk to them it dosen't send and when they try to send to me a little red clock appears. Please help, thankyou.
    12-18-11 06:19 AM
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    Sounds like you don't have an active BlackBerry Data Plan (BIS) for the device.

    You need to contact the carrier again and make sure that you are signed up for a plan that gives you BlackBerry Data (not generic internet data) and that your device is active on the carrier's BIS. Sometimes the carrier doesn't set it up correctly.
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    12-18-11 07:17 AM
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    Thankyou that should help alot!
    12-18-11 09:42 AM