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    I just thought I would explain where all the "new" emoticons in BBM 5.0 came from.

    To begin, there is a standard for expressing text in most modern systems called the Unicode standard. From wikipedia: "Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems."
    Basically Unicode is a standard way to represent a character by a certain code.

    One way to represent a character is by using the hexadecimal unicode number for that character. For example, the unicode for the latin uppercase letter 'A' is U+0041 (0041 is the hexadecimal representation for A in the unicode standard).

    If you want to see the basic list for multilingual unicode: List of Unicode characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Now, in the standard, the ranges 0000 -> DFFF (around 57343 characters) are the symbols for many different languages and shouldn't be changed. But the good thing is, the range E000–F8FF (around 6399 characters) are reserved for private use. Which means, a company can add their own special symbols into those blocks.

    Hence, RIM obviously added their own symbols inside that range into the unicode implementation in BlackBerry OS 5. As you can see, the maximum number of special 'symbols' RIM could add is around 6000. That's an overwhelmingly large range to test. Luckily, we have computers !
    Anyways, I checked the whole range (E000-FFFF) to see what symbols RIM has added. Sadly, there are only under 300 symbols added. All of which, have already been found.
    (Loads of New BBM Emoticons Found in Hiding | CrackBerry.com)

    Roughly speaking, the range E000 -> E626 is empty, and so is the range from E758 -> FFFF. But, the range E63E -> E757 is filled with around 300 symbols. For example, the unicode for the double heart is U+E6EF. So these special symbols are not actually emoticons, they're simply glyphs that RIM added into their OS. Emoticons, on the other hand, are embedded into BBM, and have nothing to do with unicode. For example, the flags of countries are actually emoticons and not unicode glyphs.

    Moving on, I compiled a list that represents each unicode and it's corresponding character in the range aforementioned. (See the attachement or the url at the end of this thread)

    One thing I want to mention is you can't simply go into BBM and type U+E6EF and expect a symbol to pop up. You would have to actually output that unicode character by some way, and then copy it to BBM.

    This isn't really useful to many of you, but I just wanted to provide a general idea to why we have those symbols. Also, the list I compiled could be used as a reference to anyone needing the unicodes for the different symbols.

    Hopefully this was an informative thread and now you know where those symbols came from!
    Unfortunately, this does mean that the symbols that have been found so far are all the symbols that will ever be found. So, don't get your hopes up that there are any more new oens for quite a while. That is, until an update to the OS or BBM!

    Here is a better quality image of the compilation incase you want to zoom in:
    (Maybe someone can please upload it to a more reliable server?)

    So tell me what you think! And if you are still a bit unsure about something, just ask!

    (Btw, I didn't know where to put this thread. Hopefully, a mod could move it to FAQs)
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    i did, thanks
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    PLEASE can somebody help and tell me how to add this new set of smilies?
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