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    I think I'm one of the minorities who don't think showing music updates on BBM is a cool feature, instead I'm concerned if it consume unnecessary data.

    I'm wondering how much data does it consume to show music updates from my contacts, and if I switch the feature off, does it stop delivering them to my device or simply just not displaying it (but still receiving and consuming data).

    This issue dawned on me when I was roaming with pre-paid from my home country, and I consumed approx US$30+ within about 4 nights - that is less than 2MB of data. I also switch off the phone during the day. All data was consumed by text-only BBM conversations.

    Before my trip, I uninstalled Twitter, Gtalk and everything else, even unassociated my email accounts, cos I only needed to BBM.
    07-24-11 05:00 AM