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    Just back from London BBM Music event and after walking trough central London the next day I can literally say you can't turn your head In London without spotting a Blackberry in somebody's hand. Mainly Torches but also a lot of 9900s and a lot of them in girls hands.
    A lot of iphone4 too to be fair but I was really surprised at how many Blackberry devices I saw.

    Funny as things seem back to front at bit, Groovy looking guy wearing an even groovier hat typing messages away on his BB in the subway even though there was no signal, next to him a suited, greying business man playing games on his iphone 4, lol, the things you notice.

    Anyway, it was an amazing party, for the first time in my life I experienced what it was like to get in past the line with the "celebrities" lol, free bar, food, massages and the amazing Jessie J, that girl can sing, really impressed with her voice, especially a few feet in front of us.

    It almost feels like a dream now.

    Rim needs to let the London team do their PR, they would do a much better job.

    Can you spot me in the pics? Winner gets a cookie lol

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    09-22-11 11:40 AM