1. ceecee25's Avatar
    Please could you help. I recently upgraded to a blackberry bold 9700.
    Since doing this, I have been experiencing problems accessing my BBM message history. On my old Blackberyr curve, I could see all my history. Now I have a 2 GB memory card, and when I ask for the history to be saved on the media card, it wipes all the history., If I set it to save on the device memory, then it saves the message for 2 days, then deletes it.
    Please could you tell me what to do in order to resolve this issue?
    I have tried battery pulls, removing applications that I do not use, deleting all emails, deleting all sms. My current device memory is 95% free. I cannot work out what is going on and am desperate to be able to save my message history.

    Many thanks
    06-03-10 09:54 AM
  2. swimmingash's Avatar
    have you checked the history in the files. they are csv files

    applications, my files, .....

    I also have my history saved, when i start a new conversation with a contact there is a link that says "view recent messages" then another page comes up and it says "view history" then there is a thread of dates to choose from and i can select and view the history
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    06-03-10 02:43 PM
  3. ceecee25's Avatar
    I cannot view the message when I do this, as it says 'unable to view file'. Is there anyway around this?
    06-16-10 06:47 AM
  4. Gemini_05's Avatar
    The 9700 doesn't have anything to read .CSV files.

    Where are those .CSV files? On the device memory? Or your media card?
    From your OP, it sounds like on the device memory.

    I have my history saving to my media card and whenever I upgrade/update BBM, it defaults the location to the device memory. Once I change it back to the media card, it'll show all of the old conversations.

    You could copy the .CSV files from your device memory to the proper directory on your media card, change the location in BBM to media card and it should link the old history back to your contacts.
    06-16-10 11:02 AM
  5. ceecee25's Avatar
    I will try this.
    The only thing is, I still cannot view the files, so cannot get the conversations and view their content.
    This is really annoying, as I have never had this problem before with my old blackberry - and had less memory on it.
    Thanks for your help.
    06-18-10 04:43 AM