1. berryfit's Avatar
    So it appears the 9630 is turning into the 8330, but in a shorter time.

    Sooooooo...if they ever come out with a new leak or OS, someone please BBM me. Being on here is turning useless for me to be honest. Not learning anything new, except everyone has a My Phone Is Better Than Your Phone Mentality!

    And Im serious, if there's ever a new os, if someone is willing. please send me a bbm or any other 9630 users, feel free to bbm me...or cute 9650 owners (female that is..lol)..jk.

    PIN: 30E7DF02
    08-18-10 03:56 PM
  2. Speczorz's Avatar
    They should use your pin for the next BBM stress test
    08-18-10 08:05 PM