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    I updated my Storm2 as I always do, wait for official firmware, backup 3rd party apps with BBSAK, Full Backup through DM6 (including integrated media), wipe with BBSAK, Install OS, restore 3rd party apps, restore backup (495/496 address book entries where restored, 1 failed). Tried restoring address book from older backup sets but always one entry failed to restore.

    Everything went fine but as 973 ships with BBM 5.0.0 I decided to update through Appworld to After installing it I started getting the java.lang errors at boot (as BBM tries to start after PIN code is typed correctly) and whenever I tried to run it from the instant messaging folder.

    After trying battery pulls, BBM uninstall and install, wipe and reinstall OS, not only the issue was still there, but I also found out that Gtalk and WLM gave the same error when installing and trying to run them.

    Next thing I tried was deleting the address book databases (options, hints, and address book) through DM6 and try to run the apps. It worked, so I was able to accept the terms and conditions for BBM, WLM and Gtalk and run the apps without java.lang error popping up. Then I restored the address book, receiving again an error for one entry. After this, WLM and Gtalk continue working flawlessly, and so does BBM until first reboot happens. After that BBM doesn't open and throws the java.lang error again.

    After checking the device logs through BBSAK I think that BBM checks the adress book database when it starts and some how it doesn't like what it finds there when my contacts are loaded. If there are no contacts in the adress book, it starts without issues and keeps running in the background as usual. I can then restore my contacts but if for whatever reason (random reboot, battery pull) BBM has to restart, it will throw again the java.lang error and refuse to open.

    As I think that the issue is the faulty entry of my adress book, is there any log or method to know which entry is not restoring correctly and delete it from my device?DM6 only shows "1 entry" but doesn't tell me which contact it is.

    This is driving me nuts so any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    11-09-10 07:08 PM
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    Had the same issue to the T on my GFs S2. This happened to me with 1015 tho.

    I wiped and reloaded her phone three times on friday pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the issue was.

    Same thing happened too with the contacts being reloaded, DM threw an error claiming that 334 of 335 contacts had been restored. Then BBM and WLM were dead and the phone would boot with that java error.

    Interesting thing is that my S2 didn't have this problem at all. My solution for her phone was to wipe and reload but to restore everything to the phone except the address book. Then I did a sync through DM with her Outlook address book and it worked. BBM was back.

    Best of luck. This issue makes no sense. I am glad to hear that someone else is reporting the same problem though.
    11-10-10 09:27 AM
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    Nice to know one is not alone with this kind of issue.

    I haven't got my contacts in Outlook so I could only try to sync them from phone to Outlook (maybe this would give me a detailed error log telling me which entry is broken), wipe, reinstall, and sync back address book from Outlook.

    Still I can't believe there isn't any way to get a detailed restore log through either DM6 o DM5, to be able to troubleshoot a corrupt database entry.

    Any ideas?
    11-10-10 06:02 PM
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    I find it unlikely that there is a corrupted entry. It has never been an issue in the past.

    Instead of wiping, I found it quicker to just to a security wipe and let the phone do the work as opposed to manually doing it with a cable and loader.

    Look under Options>Security Options>Security wipe

    Just do the emails and contacts options.

    I found this to save a little time. You will find that after the wipe that BBM works fine.
    11-10-10 06:25 PM
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    OK, will setup Outlook, sync adress book from phone to Outlook, wipe and sync back address book to phone.

    But what's up with a backup functionality that isn't able to restore data correctly when you need it?
    11-10-10 07:29 PM
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    OK, just synced to Outlook without problems. After wiping address book from device, BBM works ok. However now I can't sync back the address book to the phone because after syncing 79 entries it stops with "error encountered 0x80040fb3". Now I cannot open the adress book on my phone.

    EDIT: Managed to find out the conflicting address book entry and deleted it from Outlook. Now syncing back to phone is OK but Adress Book icon in phone has stopped working and I have to acces the address book through the phone app. Guess a battery pull will iron this last error out and if not, will go through wipe and reinstall OS
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    11-10-10 08:12 PM