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    The other day i had deleted a current status to retype a new one and when i did that the whole status field collapsed and i wasn't able to update my status in BBM for a long time. I tried rebooting my phone both a hard and soft reset still nothing changed. I even uninstalled and reinstalled BBM and still nothing. So i reinstalled the whole OS which is After doing so going to BBM it showed my status as Available and i could type something in the field again...until i had to reinstall facebook and after the phone rebooted BBM went back to doing the same thing!

    So frustrated I again uninstalled BBM but this time through the Desktop Manager and reinstalled it with the plain 5.0 BBM version and things went back to normal...updated it to the new bbm and things are fine. But I would like to know if anyone has heard or had this happen to them before because that was extremely weird.
    10-02-10 04:39 PM