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    This is just for a friend they need some help.
    Basically When I open my they convo, the screen goes up n down really quick like lil flicker - only happens in some convo's
    Only on Bbm & its only happened after updating to v6.0.600 platform
    Just wondering if there is anyway this can be fixed?

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    11-02-11 04:03 PM
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    What version of bbm are you using? Have you tried updating it to the latest version? (you can do this via appworld - if you don't have appworld installed, point your device browser to mobile.blackberry.com)
    11-02-11 04:22 PM
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    Just thought I'd let you know I'm having the same problem on my Curve 3G. Whenever i open a convo it jumps up then down
    BBM -
    11-06-11 05:19 PM