1. ben1985's Avatar
    hi first post here ive had my torch around a month now and love it its perfect for me but just yesterday i had a issue start. my bbm's would come through but i could not send, facebook wont connect and neither will the internet.
    what can i do to resolve this? im lost without it (is that sad?)
    01-23-11 05:31 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Before all else try a battery pull. Maybe resend your service boooks.

    If trouble persists return with more info. OS? Any new apps in the last few days?

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    01-23-11 06:14 AM
  3. ben1985's Avatar
    done several battery pulls and still nothing. whats resending service books?

    no new apps i can think off i got a txt saying my phones been set up for internet access to restrict anything i can call 150.
    i thought that was abit random as its always had internet so why would it need setting up now?
    01-23-11 06:42 AM
  4. homer1475's Avatar
    Better question would be, do you have BIS/BES connection? Is there 4 little dots next to either your wifi indicator or your 3G indicator?

    If you do not have the BIS/BES icon perhaps its just a small outage, we do not know who your carrier is so we cant compare with others.
    01-23-11 06:46 AM
  5. ben1985's Avatar
    there is 4 little dots next to my 3g sign im with orange if thats what you need to know? sorry im not all technical not much of a phone buff my bbs have always worked flawlessly so ive never needed to try and fix anything.
    01-23-11 06:54 AM
  6. homer1475's Avatar
    Ok you have BIS connection, that's good and rules out an outage as a problem. Next you could try resending your service books. Go to Oranges BIS site and login and resend your service books, or go to setup > email accounts, and login. Then press the BB button and chose Service Books. At the bottom of that page there is an option to resend service books. Should help.
    01-23-11 07:00 AM
  7. ben1985's Avatar
    just trying to connect the email and it says your device had a problem connecting to the server.

    i just rebooted and got 3 emails come through but still no bbm internet etc
    01-23-11 07:22 AM
  8. ben1985's Avatar
    just been on the phone to orange and they cant figure it out did a load of checks etc and now their having to forward it onto blackberry themselves lets hope they know what the deal is.
    01-23-11 12:20 PM
  9. kb2755's Avatar
    I had a similar issue with my first Torch. Got it on day 1 in Canada and it was nothing but network issues from the get go. My messages would all come in at once (if they came in at all), I couldn't make calls, and I would have to open social feeds just to get the messages to come through. It was pretty horrible so I took it back and got a new one. No issues with this one and I couldn't be happier.
    01-23-11 01:07 PM
  10. ben1985's Avatar
    i can still call txt just cant get on the net or send bbms witch is random as i can revive them?
    01-23-11 05:00 PM