1. kenshin44's Avatar
    Hey guys so I checked no new message, no new friend requests, no new nothing,

    I got the icon as if two things on bbm are unchecked, it is very annoying

    I went to advanced options and delete BBm but that didn't work.

    Can someone give me a set of instructions on how to fix this issue, as there are many experts here!
    08-29-10 12:05 AM
  2. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    list of things you can do;

    - Check your ignore list ( BBM > BB menu button > options > ignore list ). Maybe someone have sent you a BBM and he is on your ignore list.

    - Try a Battery pull; take the battery out while the device is on, wait for a couple of minutes and put it back in.

    - Backup your BBM contacts ( BBM > BB menu button > options > scroll to backup ( locally > memory card ) and delete BBM by going to options > applications ( Add-on or Core )> scroll to BlackBerry Messenger and delete it. Reboot.
    Now, download the version you like from HERE or the latest BBM From HERE. Reboot and then restore your backup.

    Those were the three thing that I came up with right now. Try them. I'm sure that others might provide you with other solutions though.

    08-29-10 07:15 AM