1. lolz123's Avatar
    Hello, I'm kind of new to the whole berry thing
    and ive been using the 9700 for about a month now on firmware v5.0.0.743.

    I have turned on save bbm history and have it set to save on device.
    Also i checked my device memory and it has 108mb free so i don't think that's the case

    The thing is for the people i talk to everyday and rather frequently, i only get about the latest 1-2 days worth of history saved and i lose everything else. However, when i talk to people less i tend to have more of their history saved up.

    Does anyone know where the old history goes? or any way to retrieve it?

    thank you
    08-19-10 11:15 PM
  2. flexsingh's Avatar
    With my personal use of this feature it depends on the amount of messages sent within the day. i.e if there are more messages sent within the one day then the device will hold less days worth of conversations. If there are just a few messages per day then it will hold more days etc...
    Sometimes I have the last 10days, last 4days etc.
    08-20-10 05:19 AM