1. goldenjubilee's Avatar
    Hello...love my new BOLD!

    am having a little trouble with BBM...(and I have looked everywhere on here)

    I have a contact that I added in BBM - added as sms contact.

    But now when I want to send a text instead of a BBM (contact is having trouble viewing BBM - which is another issue :-) )
    it continues to send as BBM and not text? ie message shows with the phone thingy beside it instead of the bubble for txt...and contact tells me they are not receiving message as txt

    I have read several threads on here saying to unlink my contact, but I have tried it and I can't find the option to do that anywhere???? It seems I do not have that option?

    I just got my Bold 9650 and it is running OS

    Appreciate any help!
    12-15-10 10:26 AM
  2. BBMINI's Avatar
    Two things you might try based on your post:
    - To "unlink" the contact, go to BBM > Contacts > choose the contact in question > hit the BB Menu button > scroll down to "Remove Contacts Link" and click it.

    - Maybe delete the Contact from BBM AND from your Address Book, then start over and add them as a BBM contact only (not a SMS contact).

    Hopefully one of these options might help.
    12-17-10 02:22 PM