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    Hi all

    Im new to this site.
    I've had a bb since christmas 2010. its been working fine till tonight. I was bbm'ing my friends, when it started coming up with the timer symbol at the side, and wouldnt go for about 20 minutes, so i did a battery pull. and it was the same. i done 4. then reset the whole blackberry hoping that would work.

    I add some people to bbm as its all gone. and they accept but hey show up as pending. now they've gone to contacts with only their pin showing no name.

    i send some messages and its showing up with the timer still. and only 2 of their names have come up.
    I can still receive messages and can only send to one contact taking 10 mins to send one message.
    I've done the host table and got a message saying im registered...still not working.
    I've gone to applications - core - allowed blackberry 5.0.0 core application and system software.
    applications - add-on - blackberry messenger.
    still not working!

    Can someone please help me urgently! i cant re send service books as i cant remember my login details. Someone please help asap!
    05-02-11 03:39 PM