1. ladodgersfan88's Avatar
    Ok so, this is really weird. My cousin's BB started acting weird receiving random calendar alarms that he never put in himself. Then his phone stopped working (couldn't click on anything with the trackball).

    Now I'm getting weird messages from his BBM (even though his phone doesnt work). This guy claims he bought an app (in Seattle) and that he is able to hack into BBM and talk to random people and also look at their open apps and their MMS. He says he'll send it to me for free if I give him my address (lol). Anyway, he's using my cousins BBM account, I never accepted his invite (there was no invite) or anything.

    Anyone know what's going on?
    08-09-10 12:53 AM
  2. ladodgersfan88's Avatar
    Anyone? He claims the application is called "APP BBM Reality."
    08-09-10 12:24 PM
  3. 7scarabs's Avatar
    No info on this mystery app, but something really strange happened with my work BBM too (I posted on another thread about this topic). Someone called to report getting a strange message from me. I opened my BBM and found that it showed someone else's name and profile, plus two contacts that were unknown to me, along with the one of mine who'd received the message. Couldn't change it, so I finally figured out how to delete my whole BBM app. Thought the problem was solved, but a few hours later, some really weird stuff happened with my work e-mail account that's used on that phone. I started receiving duplicates of all the messages that I'd gotten for about the past three days, all in a matter of two minutes. I did the "delete on handheld" for the duplicates, but then found that a bunch of OTHER e-mails (that had not been duplicated) had disappeared, not just from my BB, but from the actual e-mail server, so were lost to me. (Totally gone, not even in the trash file on the server when I check on my PC).

    Not sure how this happened, since the phone hasn't been out of my possession where someone could physically mess with it.
    08-09-10 09:30 PM
  4. ladodgersfan88's Avatar
    Yes, it is definitely very weird. It's too bad no one has any information on this.
    08-10-10 11:08 PM
  5. Halerazor's Avatar
    Haven't had that problem yet but thanks for the heads up!
    08-11-10 12:50 AM