1. SaabScott's Avatar
    Ok, I have 2 questions ...

    1) I have it set so that text messages do not show up in my in-box ... and yet since recently joining a BBM group, those messages go to my in-box. Any idea how to stop this from happening?

    2) Whether the phone is set on noise or just vibrate, I occasionally get a notifier that something has happened ... and yet when I check the phone, there is nothing there at all.

    Any help with either/both of these would be very much appreciated.
    10-31-11 04:36 PM
  2. Made in flanders's Avatar
    1) If you go in your BBM to options there is a possibility to switching it off.

    2) Try a battery pull, maybe that will help?
    11-02-11 03:08 PM