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    Since I didn't see a subforum specifically for BBM, I figured I'd go with this subforum, since we both have 9700's. I also didn't find anything in search related to this, and even googling only brings up one instance that I've found, which had no solution.

    I am a store manager for a retail sales chain and we have a large group for all store managers within our district, and a few other smaller groups for certain physical areas, and the problem is that sometimes messages just do not send through properly from some people. I can bbm them directly without a single issue, and even the same person in a different group will work fine, but I miss all of their messages in other groups. The even stranger part is sometimes others will see a message, but I won't.
    Any guesses? This has only seemed to start happening recently, but that said, I never paid enough attention before to notice if messages were missing from conversations.

    Thanks anyone in advance!
    11-27-10 02:23 PM
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    when you say 'large'....how 'large' is that? i just ask because there have been posts in the CB blogs about BBM stress tests. the app can be stressed resulting in delays or not sending, but i think the number was very large in terms of users. i've looked at your post a few times and it just hit me you wrote that you are a sales mgr for a retail sales chain. large stores have hundreds of store managers so i figured i'd ask.
    11-28-10 12:25 AM
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    I would try a battery pull to kick a possible glitch, or just limit the group to a smaller number of people in it. If you're using an older verison of BBM, maybe try updating it.

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    11-28-10 07:46 AM
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    I also have this and stumped....I also only show pin's for a lot of members and names for other people...

    Maybe your question will answer mine as well.

    I have the latest BBM installed and have done quite a few battery pulls and the group that has more pin #'s is small...

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    11-28-10 10:38 AM
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    Well, I suppose 'large' is a bit of an over estimate. It floats around 20 odd people or so, which is large feeling to me, heh. At any rate, to answer questions asked, I've just recently updated to os6, and so has the other person, and this problem was happening occasionally when we both had 5. I've always kept my software versions as current as possible, but the other local manager to me, did not. But it still happens, even running os6 and the latest bbm that comes with it. So I'm very much unsure as to why, but I'm pretty sure it's probably just glitches in the system somehow, but was hoping perhaps anyone had any guesses.

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    11-30-10 01:01 AM