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    My sister has a 9810 that's still just 2 months old and it keeps having problems with the BBM. Once she just routinely battery pulled it and BBM disappeared completely. She reinstalled it and had her groups up again after being reinvited, but suddenly those groups disappeared but strangely they are still accessible through the Messages application if someone else posted something in the group, and that's the only we she can open those groups.

    Would anyone mind telling me what's wrong and how it can be fixed? I know a reinstall might do it but I'm saving that for later because she had reinstalled BBM once already. Or should she just wait it out and hope it pops up by themselves? Any battery pull or soft restart won't do the trick, she'd done them many times.

    11-02-11 10:20 PM
  2. mawire's Avatar
    She got booted out or incidentally booted herself out . If the (was) the admin then no way in if not ask admin to get her back in the group.

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    11-11-11 09:57 AM