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    I have been a part of an ongoing bbm group for nearly 8 months. We are very active and chat each day - sometimes more active than others - however, there has yet to be a day where we haven't chatted in the 8+ months we've had the group. Periodically, throughout our time in the chat, we have noticed two major nuisances:

    1.) Unlike the good ol' days with the 1st version of bbm5, everyone can't delete chats. Only the admin can. This wouldn't be so bad if some chats tho they have been cleared for DAY and have a clear indicator for the chats to only be available for one day, they linger for days and days. I've personally watched the admin delete a chat. Her phone will have the chat gone, and several of the chat members (including myself) will still show the empty chat. We have tried everything but nothing gets rid of them. If we are lucky, the chats eventually go away with no rhyme or reason as to how or why (we just thank our lucky stars they do). Sometimes, this happens so often that some people will have up to 10 old, empty chats that are weeks and even months old.

    2.) In addition to lingering, we see the reappearance of old chats. Again, no rhyme or reason. Some chats will delete on schedule, and then weeks later for no apparent reason, they reappear (sometimes 2, 3, or 4 at a time) as an empty chat. Sometimes they linger. Sometimes they do not. You can never really tell.

    We've looked at everything but nothing adds up. 1st, we thought diff phones had diff numbers of empty chats - nope because we had 3 8830s all with varying numbers of chats. So, it must be carrier right? Nope - 6 vzw users with a range of anywhere from 5 - 10 chats. I suspect it's a Blackberry server issue with processing the chats-perhaps? Why can't RIM bring back the good ol' days where we can all delete as we see fit!

    Anywho, has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know why this happens? & most importantly, does anyone kno how to fix it!!!
    07-12-10 05:01 PM