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    Hey, I installed the beta of BBM 6.1 yesterday, and got this email confirmation(shown below) from BBMessenger. Then all of a sudden, I have not been receiving emails from my Hotmail account on my BB anymore, only on my PC now. I used to receive emails both from Hotmail and GMail on my BB. But after I got this email confirmation I only receive emails from GMail & not from Hotmail anymore.


    Thank you for using BlackBerry Messenger. To help prevent unauthorized use of this email address, we need to confirm its ownership. Please ensure that your BlackBerry is turned on to complete the registration. This email will be automatically processed by BlackBerry Messenger. Please do not delete this email until registration occurs.
    If this email is in your Junk mail folder, mark it as "Not Junk". On your BlackBerry Messenger profile screen, click the email address you are trying to register and use the menu key to send the registration again.

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    BlackBerry Messenger
    Need help on this one guys. Also the email is not marked as Junk. I can't confirm my email. Weird.
    11-24-11 12:19 AM
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    Sorry and thanks for moving.
    11-24-11 01:12 AM