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    I have a Torch 6800. My browser froze it up (happens way too often) and I had to pull the battery. When I came back, bbm was gone. I tried to see hidden icons, but there was no "show all" option so Im assuming there is nothing hidden (in my IM folder, also in "All").

    So Im assuming I have to re-install, which is fine BUT heres the tricky part - I have a mac, and not Leopard, so I dont have the Desktop Manager. I can go in and look at all my files though Finder when Im plugged into my Mac, and I see Blackberry Messenger in:
    Blackberry1-home-user-im-Blackberry Messenger
    But I have no idea really how to get this to work on my phone again.
    1. Is there some way I can get it back without re-installing?
    and if not
    2. How do I backup my bbm contacts using just Finder (if thats possible)
    3. How do I uninstall and then re-install bbm?

    Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks so much!
    03-19-11 05:48 PM
  2. gmpblack's Avatar
    You can install by going to BB App world....
    03-19-11 08:44 PM
  3. tbrenn's Avatar
    Install bbm through the spp world. I would also suggest getting blackberryy protect BlackBerry Protect. This way you can remotely back-up, restore, and switch devices without desktop manager...

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    03-19-11 09:44 PM