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    recently had my 9900 replaced by insurance and had it backed up on the morning i collected new phone, been using blackberrys 6years and have a backup list as long as my arm, new 9900 is running latest software when i restored it my bbm contacts have not auto restored and had to manually re add most aswel as it not displaying any photos or updates and my display photo is not showing, already flashed the new 9900 and restored it using new and old backups anyone any ideas how to resolve?
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    03-21-12 11:04 AM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    Did you back up your BBM contact list by using the BBM feature?

    I tie in my contacts to one or more of my e-mail addies, and if/when I change devices I always restore from that.

    If your contacts are still not showing their display avatars, I would try reinstalling BBM.
    03-21-12 11:13 AM
  3. richiec85's Avatar
    Ya got there before me Mark!

    Could be the email address although I'm guessing you restore from the same email each time?
    03-21-12 01:19 PM