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    My wife received her new Torch 9810 today from Rogers. I did a device switch (upgrading from Curve with OS 5 on it). Under BBM the groups that we had setup between us and the kids showed up as "waiting to Join". I went onto my Blackberry (also OS 5) and deleted her from the group and re-added her. Now she had duplicate groups. One that works (new one) and the old one that says "waiting to join", both with the same group name. I've tried everything to get rid of them short of going back to the initial setup of the whole blackberry and setting up all accounts, apps etc.. manually.

    I have tried...

    1. Searching through the menu when highlighting the invalid group and there is no option to leave the group.
    2. Uninstalling BBM, but this doesn't seem possible on OS 7. My guess is that it is now considered a part of the OS.
    3. Removed all groups (except these ones that I can't) and doing a hard reboot (battery pull).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    08-29-11 10:21 PM
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    Any time I've ever done a device swap, I've had to either boot myself from the BBM group I was in or have one of the mods in the group do it for me and get an invite. I'd show to be a member of the group on my end, but on the group's end, I had the red X of death next to my name.

    Have one of the mods in the groups she's in kick her out and send a reinvite. That should work. Keep in mind it may take up to a full day before all of the group features work.
    08-30-11 08:41 AM
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    Hi, I did kick here out of the group on my end. The only thing that I can think of is that the one that is stuck is confused because it is related to the old Blackberry Pin. When she gets home I am going to try the doing the device swap again from the old phone. I'll let you know how it went later.

    08-30-11 07:26 PM
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    Got it! Eureka!

    I went onto the old Curve BB and removed all BBM Groups. I then did a backup of the old phone. Then I went to the new phone and did a restore from the backup (old phone backup) and only restored BB groups and Messanger.

    Then you need to get someone in the BB groups to re-add you

    Of course this will only work for others if you don't mind losing any contacts only on the new phone and going back to your old avatar and status etc....

    08-30-11 09:12 PM