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    Hi All,

    Recently something changed in my BBM so that my Contacts list no longer show their Status (Available, Busy, etc) either by their Contact name in the list or in their header during a Chat. To see their status I have to click on them in the Contact list, then highlight the Header/Name area to see their Contact Profile which shows their Status and PIN. Not sure what caused the change. Related to that, my own Status indicator no longer shows to my Contacts on their end, BUT they can see any Status Message that I might have entered into my profile.

    The only things that I did recently that I'm guessing might possibly have affected it are:
    - I joined a BBM group from Crackberry
    - I put one of my Contacts' icon on my Home Screen for faster access

    Any ideas on what happened to ingoing and outgoing Status indicators??

    Thx ahead for any help.
    12-01-10 01:10 PM