1. tuffy100's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    So I upgraded to BBM the other day, and ever since then there have been a few contacts that have been randomly disappearing. I have confirmed that they have not deleted me and I certainly have not deleted them. They are on my contact list, but when I try to BBM them, it says that they are not part of my list and it gives me the option to reinvite to BBM (similar to when restoring BBM contacts).

    Needless to say, this is getting rather annoying. Anyone got any suggestions?
    03-30-11 08:36 PM
  2. tukia's Avatar
    I got the same probs. There is 1 particular contact which is my sister. Which every 3-5 days will ask me to re-invite eventhough neither both of us delete each other. Nobody seems to know wat to do. Any suggestions?
    03-31-11 11:10 AM